Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trek Party Game Ideas

All of these are original game ideas by me! 

  • Pin the arm on the android the rules of the game are pretty much the same as pin the tail on the donkey. Print out/draw a large image of data (or whichever android you prefer.) Be sure to make them armless. then draw arms and cut them out. using a tack or a piece of double-sided tape to pin on the android. blind fold the player and let them try to pin the arms on the android.
  • Rules of Acquisition Trivia any ferengi worth his weight in latinum, should know the rules of acquisition by heart. all you need is the complete, official list of the ferengi rules of acquisition and a gaggle of knowledgeable trekkies.
  • Guess that ship! a game where you guess the starship. print out (about medium-ish size), cut, and tape an assortment of different starships from the various star trek shows, on to a wall/fridge/whiteboard. number the ships. hand out pieces of paper and pencils and have your guests write down their guesses. example: 1.) voyager. time them however long you think they'll need...but keep it  suspenseful with a short time limit. after the time is up, collect the sheets and score everyone on how they did.
  •  Best Costume Contest  have a contest to see who wore the best star trek costume.
  •  Captain Picard Day Craft Contest  set up a table in a room, set out an assortment of crafting supplies. such as: clay, watercolor paint, paper, yarn, glue sticks, construction paper, scissors, school glue, googly eyes, tape, markers, color pencils, sharpie pens, pencils, erasers, whiteout, cotton balls, felt sheets, ribbon, pipe cleaners, newspaper, magazines...and so on. have the participating guests craft their best captain picard. once everyone's crafting is finished, have a judging panel of uninvolved guests score the picards.  
  • I'm a Doctor, Not a...  print out a picture of doctor mccoy and tape him to a wall. cut out speech bubbles from white paper. hand them out with pens to all your guests. throughout the night let your guests jot down a different mccoy response, and stick it up around the image of mccoy with a piece of tape. By the end of the party, the wall should be covered in different mccoy-isms.  
  • Find Odo! on a small table, place 5 random objects. predetermine before hand (and keep it to yourself) which object is actually odo imitating that object. then have guests guess which object is really odo. Switch up the items every game to keep it fun.
  • Star Trek Fear Factor!  make an assortment of the most disgusting looking trek food (klingon, ferengi and so on) and set the dishes out on a counter. label the dishes accordingly. have your bravest and not so bravest guests participate in a fear factor style dare-tasting game. Whoever makes it through all the rounds, wins.
  • Doctor Plox's Face Making Competition! we all know that denobulans make the strangest faces. gather participants and have them compete against each other. the winner is the one who makes the most hilarious face. A Phlox Smile
  • Spock Drinking Game take a shot every time Mr. Spock raises an eyebrow.
  • Star Trek Pictionary on sheets of paper put into a pot/hat/basket/ down different trek character names, alien species, ships, faction names, food items, and any other star trek lore on each sheet. have a whiteboard set up, dry-erase markers, and something to erase the marker. then play using the same rules as pictionary.
  • Ode to Spot  have participants write a poem or haiku about data's cat, Spot. Post them up on a wall or fridge for all the guests at the party to read and enjoy.
  • Cardassian Neck Trick  participants compete to see who can contort their neck (by clinching your jaw) to make the cardassian neckline. 
  • Genetic Engineering aka star trek face painting. Paint klingon foreheads, bajoran nose ridges, andorian blue skin, orion green skin, trill spots, romulan foreheads, gorn scales, cardassian spoons and ridges, etc.
  • Betazoid Thought Reading  one at a time, sit participants in front of the “betazoid” (played by whoever chooses to read minds) and have the “betazoid” try and guess what the participant in front of them is thinking or feeling.
  • Glue the beard on Riker! print out multiple images of will riker's face from season 1 and hand them out to your guests. along with that, hand out glue sticks and itty bitty cut up pieces of brown yarn. whoever makes the best resemblance of riker's beard, wins. 
         some images of riker without a beard: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7