My Trek Cosplaying

Major Kira Nerys (ST: DS9)
Costume Construction Started 02/26/12
Costume Construction Finished 03/??/12

This being my first time cosplaying as a trek character, I wanted to do something simple and easy to accomplish. I wrote down my character options and narrowed it down to Major Kira from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I knew that her bajoran military uniform would be too difficult to sew and far more difficult to piece together with found items at the thrift store. Instead, I decided it had to be off-duty clothing. I had so many options. Mirror universe Kira, Kira in Bajoran festival wear, Kira in an evening gown, Kira in office wear...and so on. Finally decided on Kira in her bajoran rebel outfit. 

First piece of the costume I completed was the bajoran earring. I was able to find items around my craft room to piece this together. I had a gold plastic button in the shape of a heart that was pretty ornate, it reminded me of something bajoran. I make my own jewelry, so I had earring posts. I hot glued the earring post to the back of the button. I needed a thin enough chain, so I went and bought a small pack of it at Michaels in the jewelry making section. I had the whole earring almost complete, but I still needed the portion that made the earring bajoran. The lobe cuff. I couldn't find anything remotely cuff-like in the jewelry section at Michaels. I was about to give up the entire idea of cosplaying Kira, until I had an epiphany. I have metal adjustable ring bands in my craft room! I now had all the pieces to make the bajoran earring. I hot glued everything together and it came out great. 

Next step in the process was the bajoran ridges. I had the hardest time researching on the internet about facial prosthetics and how to make them cheaply and effectively at home. 

There were a few websites I bookmarked that made it all seem very easy to do.

After purchasing the glycerin at Michaels and the gelatin at Safeway, I was well on my way to making bajoran nose ridges. I already had polymer clay (sculpey) and I even went and bought a few packs of plastilina clay (in case it worked better). Only trouble was, I had less and less time to complete all the steps in making the prosthetic from scratch (with a cast mold of my nose and such.) It was all becoming more and more overwhelming and I only had a week left to put the rest of my costume together. 

So, I decided to do the ridges with silly putty or clay. In order to stick them to my face, I went with eyelash glue instead of spirit gum. Seeing as spirit gum can only be found online and in costume stores. I work full time and get off work at 4pm. Most costume stores close around 5 and the ones near by are not quite so easy to get to during work traffic. So, eyelash glue. Works about the same and is probably cheaper. Eyelash glue can be found at pretty much any store that sells make up.

On to the actual clothing part of the costume. I went to my local thrift store and spent about an hour and a half perusing the aisles for anything remotely similar to something Kira would wear. Found several outfit possibilities. Narrowed it down to one. 

Under shirt tucked.

Under shirt untucked

While its not exactly the same outfit Kira wore in the photo at the beginning of this page, it is very similar to her style.
I'm extremely lucky that I have my hair cut short enough to pull off Kira's hairstyle. Otherwise it would be difficult to pin hair back in order to make it look Kira-esque.

I seem to be finished for now. The evening of the trek party is tomorrow. Planning on taking loads of pictures and posting them to this blog. 

To be continued....


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